Animals can gain entry into your homes and business through a wide variety of areas. We will come and give a thorough inspection of your home and let you know the areas that animals have gained entry and how we will prevent and repair those damaged areas. We will explain our plan of action and work with you to rid your home of nuisance wildlife.


Here are a few places that we have located on homes that provide entry for animals: chimneys, underneath decks and porches, front stoop, vents, vent fans, ridge venting, garages, wood shakes, soffit, fascias, dormers, valley tins, windows, gable vents, bathroom & stove vents, and these are just a few areas. We will help locate all entry points upon our arrival.


We use live traps to remove and relocate our animals. However, in some instances we will euthanize animals that are suffering or carrying potential diseases. All animals that need euthanization are humanely put to sleep at our facilities away from our customers homes.

Advanced Wildlife Control uses a variety of trapping methods, traps, and techniques to capture our target animals. We use live traps to remove problem wildlife from your homes, yards, and business. We have seen and worked with most every situation you can think of and welcome the challenge of your potential problem.